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TRANSFORMATION lives where psychotherapy meets a ‘coach approach’ to personal and professional growth and development

We all have different parts of ourselves: the parts we take to work, the parts we bring out with friends and the parts we share with our families but...what if some of the best parts of us are being left behind as we move between our personal and professional lives? What if there was a more integrated way to exist within our systems so that we can bring the best parts of ourselves everywhere we go?

Together we can:

  • explore values and systems of both life and work

  • uncover and access the tools, knowledge, and skills that drive success

  • confront obstacles that continue to stand in the way of moving forward

  • collaborate on next steps

  • create a more integrated and authentic presence in life and work

My background as a psychotherapist in combination with my training in organizational coaching supports personal and professional development from the foundational level.

But how did I end up here….?


Work With Me



Individual sessions provide an opportunity to audit the stories that are keeping us stuck and explore new ways of moving outside of what
is familiar in order to grow and transform.


Workshops are uniquely designed to meet the educational outcomes and objectives of your team or organization.

The Counsellor's Coach:
Working with Counsellors

Are you just starting out in private practice? Or are you working as a solo practitioner or as a contractor in a group practice?

Through 1:1 or group coaching, together we will explore the personal and professional challenges of leadership, identity and business in our roles as therapists

…..and share and celebrate the wins along the way!

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